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This is the reason many inspectors want to be able to give their clients some idea of how old the device is and when they need to begin considering replacement. How old is that water heater and what is the maximum service life an owner can expect? Your clients need to know the answers to these questions and others. In other words, there is no set maximum expected service life. In fact, two neighbors with exactly the same brand water heater installed on exactly the same day on the same street in identical houses can have completely different experiences. In some parts of the country it is normal to expect between 10 and 15 years, while in others a homeowner is lucky if the water heater lasts 10 years. The manufacturing date is coded into the serial number of water heaters and, since there are more than different brands of water heaters in this country, trying to memorize every single serial number code at first seems impossible.

How to Determine the Age of a Water Heater

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. In addition to details of how to de-code water heater age for all water heater brands we give six ways to determine the age of a water heater.

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A water heater is an important appliance in almost any residential real estate investment. Unfortunately, a water heater doesn’t last forever, so it’s important to know the installation date to troubleshoot problems, find replacement parts or determine if it’s time to replace it completely. Most modern water heaters have a sticker that displays the installation date, but the serial number isn’t always easy to decode. Verifying the installation date doesn’t necessarily prove the age of the water heater, since some units are pre-owned, but it does help with making home improvement decisions.

Locate the manufacturer’s label and serial number on the side of your water heater. The sticker is generally above the heater’s warning labels and next to the energy guide. Check to see if the installation date is listed on the sticker. If not, write down the serial code. The serial code often details the month and year that the water heater was installed. Examine the first four numbers of the serial code. The Inspector’s Journal states that there are six major water heater suppliers and each uses a similar method for reporting water heater installation dates.

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NOTE: A shipment is defined as when a unit transfers ownership; a consignment is not a transfer of ownership. No other AHRI data e. AHRI does not conduct any market forecasting and is not qualified to discuss market trends. Residential electric storage water heater shipments increased 4.

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Minutes 1st stakeholder meeting 23 Jan New Commission Guidelines for space heaters, water heaters etc. EEPliant conference presentation. EEPliant WP6 presentation. Important legal notice: Disclaimer and Copyright notice Privacy statement Javascript required for email. Review study of ecodesign and energy labelling for water heaters and tanks.

Documents For stakeholder publications and comments – see further down. Minutes of 2nd stakeholder meeting 26 April on water heaters final.

How to Determine the Age of Your Water Heater

The most common water heaters manufactured on and after this date will get a modest boost in efficiency, while units over 55 gallons will shift to next-generation technology, cutting utility bills by one-fourth to one-half depending on the technology. Completed by DOE in , the standards cover gas, oil and electric residential tank water heaters, usually between 20 and 80 gallons. DOE also upped the efficiency levels for instantaneous—tankless—gas water heaters, but most models already meet the new efficiency levels.

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Everything these days has an expiration date, right? Milk has an expiration date. It usually can last refrigerated until the date printed on the container. You can always fall back on your nose to be the last judge of whether the milk is good or not. We all go to the doctor for an annual physical, or at least we should. We even take our car for the 3 month or 3, mile oil and filter change.

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Our highest priority is the safety of all our valued customers and colleagues, especially as we face the battle against COVID Please read our coronavirus update here. The standard warranty provided on products and services is as follows:.

Caution: This information is provided as assistance in determining the date of manufacture and the duration of the warranty only when the water heater is used,​.

In the majority of households, the availability of warm, running water is vital to everyday living. From showers, baths and frequent hand—washing to cooking, laundry and dish—cleaning, the average person could end up utilizing water of varying warmth up to 20 times per day. When you multiply that usage by each household member, the demands placed on the water heater is brought into perspective. Nothing lasts forever, least of all a water heater. During the course of an average home occupancy, a resident is bound to face that moment where they need to replace a water heater.

Trouble is, most homeowners are unaware of when a water heater reaches its expiration date. Not knowing this, however, can lead to major risks when the heater starts acting up due to old age.

Signs Your Water Heater is Going to Break Soon

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